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“My grandfather Giorgio with few business partners founded ILPO in 1965, with the main function of producing customer drawing items in flexible and in rigid polyurethane foam for big Italian companies of the furnishing and design fields. Needless to say that polyurethane has been for us a “technological choice” since our foundation and in these long years of market presence we have acquired technical competency, undisputed expertise and a recognized quality level.

In the world of small-medium size businesses ILPO was founded as a family run company from the love and dedication of my family. Since its foundation already three generations have followed one after the other in ILPO, without touching neither the solidity nor the presence in the market place; three generations of commitment, research and mainly passion for design and for polyurethane!”

Alberto Marani – Production Manager

“The production on customer drawing for big companies of the furniture market segment and of the industry generally speaking granted us a primacy position in the transformation market of these materials that persuaded us in the mid nineties to add to our range of products the first ever produced rigid polyurethane shell commercialized under our own brand: the first IKS shell was born! Since then hundreds of thousand IKS shells have been sold worldwide. An idea that many considered hazardous at that time, but that provided excellent returns opening a new market niche and qualifying ILPO as a “pioneer”. Being a “pioneer” in our reference market for specific actions and activities, has always been and still remains one of our characteristics. We have always distinguished ourselves from the competitors also thanks to our spirit of innovation for what concerns communication and spreading of new trends, for having organized many seminars for technical update as well as many activities with schools, Universities, Institutions and young designers, like for example the four editions of the ESAEDRO International Design Competition and workshops for young designers. From our point of view such initiatives are extremely valuable also to draw near academy and industry and to conjugate creativity and concreteness.

The relationships with the schools have always been very important for us and have been synonymous of investing in good ideas, in innovation and in youngsters. With time following this inspiration and strengthened also by such initiatives we decided to put more emphasis on the development of branded products, up to the definition of ILPODESIGN.”

Paolo Marani – General Manager

Mission & Philosophy

With its over 45 years of extensive expertise ILPO continues to be recognized as a leader company in the design, development and production of components molded in rigid and flexible polyurethane for technical and industrial uses and for furnishing with an high level of expertise and quality.

We are constantly committed to offering high quality products to an extremely varied national and international customer base and our goal is to supply faultless products capable of meeting their needs and expectations.


Ethics and Sustainable Development 

“Sustainable development is a development capable of meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”

The increased transparency requested by a better informed customer base, more interested in the protection of the environment and in health, is influencing heavily our society, addressing companies towards a new organizational model that intimately cares for the sustainability of its processes and products.

More and more often we hear people talking about Ethics and Sustainable Development, this type of development creates a relationship between the three dimensions – economic, social and environmental bonding them strictly together; this correlation thus declares that any programming intervention needs to consider this relationship and that to develop any one of these three dimensions hazardous behaviors for any of the other two should not be put in place.

Aligning to this kind of model means primarily being able to find the right balance between economical/financial interests and those connected with the environment for the common well being: since years ILPO is among those companies that have integrated with great attention the theme connected with sustainable development and that can praise on years of ethical behavior and commitment towards the environment and resources conservation.

Agreed with and encouraged by the Local Public Authority for social assistance, in specific production processes ILPO employs specially trained “disadvantaged” personnel, into appropriate working positions. Nowadays at ILPO the number of “disadvantaged” people employed is at least twice the one defined by normal obligations under national laws.

Further to that we report our commitment to ensuring a steady financial support to a non-profit-organization that, in agreement with the Province of Bologna, manages a specialized center for work-rehabilitation for people with mental and sensorial disabilities.


ILPO since its foundation has dedicated time and resources to the study and development of the transformation technologies connected with polyurethane resins, finding it more and more fascinating while discovering new performance opportunities offered by this very versatile material. The main keywords linked to this extraordinary plastic material can be summarized in comfort; extreme flexibility in the creation of aesthetic shapes – also very complex ones – colors, dimensions and finishing; constant reproducibility; fire reaction behavior, mechanical performances… In the years the Research & Development team trying to keep the transformation technologies of flexible and rigid polyurethanes at the forefront, has dedicated attention and care to RIM (reaction injection molding) and IMC (in mold coating) processing technologies, always grating to its customers the best products with the most advanced properties. Today the technologies utilized by ILPO for the production of its polyurethane items are mainly two: injection cold molding for flexible foams and “in mold coating” for rigid polyurethane.

During all these years ILPO has always been committed to the constant innovation of its processes and products and has long built a tradition of service to its customers mainly focusing on three pillars: Research & Development, Quality and Environmental Care. Furthermore to be able to best satisfy the requirements of its custom

ers aiming at optimizing the use of polyurethane resins since years ILPO has been partnering for the fine-tuning of complex projects with design and engineering companies in finite element simulation aimed at optimizing processes and to offer customers an high quality service.

The design of a critical detail is guided by finite element simulation, so as to minimize tensions and mechanical risks of the part without penalizing aesthetic or use. Final objective is that to best utilize the polyurethane resins to contain raw material costs and final items’ weight. The resulting pieces avoid bad surprises and the mechanical behavior is always in line with customers’ requirements, aesthetic is not penalized, the utilized quantity of material is the minimum possible and the performance tests are always passed right upfront.

ILPO puts this characteristic of attention and of quality in the choice of its suppliers as well. Suppliers become with time real sound partners and are selected also because they share the same commitment for the same values of innovation, quality and environmental care.